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Title: Violence
Artist: Blink-182
Album: Blink-182
Plays: 4973


"Violence" by Blink 182

Like violence you have me, forever, and after
Like violence you kill me, forever, and after

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raineydaysoff: Favorite DBZ character?

The Prince of all Saiyans! Vegeta!

Especially when he turned Majin Vegeta and started kicking Goku’s ass then he sacrficed himself to stop Buu. Top favorite moments from that show. :) 

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Taking a break from writing for the night. Anyone wanna ask me anything? twenty one pilot stuff, writing stuff, movies or comic book stuff. Any kind of stuff, just ask. It would be awesome :)

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Title: I Need My Girl
Artist: The National
Album: Trouble Will Find Me
Plays: 17443


The National - I Need My Girl

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No, he wasn’t sad. He was full of hope.

Nothing in life will call upon us to be more courageous than facing the fact that it ends, but on the other side of heartbreak is wisdom
Kate Hudson as Sarah, Wish I Was Here (via thrueyesofarunner)
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